All Natural Living

For The Modern Nomad

We love to travel and create awesomeness.

Our love of travel and living simple lives are the driving forces behind NUMAD.

NUMAD is the story of our travel experiences and helping to get the planet back to a place it was meant to be. We’ve decided to share with you the secrets being used by indigenous groups who survived and prospered without technology on the bare essentials of our wondrous planet. NUMAD brings these natural secrets to the global front in hopes of rebalancing the fragile ecosystem we all share; animals, plants, humans, the ozone, water and land.

Take the journey with us as we explore the world and uncover ancient remedies from dedicated and knowledgeable artisans. We’ll learn their processes, the benefits of the products they dedicate their lives to and you get to experience it all with us! You will receive the exact same indigenous products, but they will be packaged to exist in your environments. Each product that you receive from NUMAD will be all natural except for the occasional preservative that allow these gifts from Mother Earth to reach your hands.

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